Decker                                                                       Adult Swim

On Cinema at the Cinema                                      Adult Swim

MTV​'s Greatest Party Stories Ever                       MTV
Retro Game Hour with Phoebe & Elizabeth       JASH

Duck Face Music Video                                         Phillip Hodges Prod.
The D                                                                        TBS
Warner’s Stellian Commercial: Mr. Beards          Flyover Films
Warner’s Stellian Commercial: Appliances         Flyover Flims
A to B Metro Transit Commercial                        Clarity Coverdale Fury    

A to B Metro Transit Print Campaign                  Clarity Coverdale Fury
A is For with Rob Delaney                                     Birdbath Productions
GoDaddy 'Boardroom'                                            Royal Mutt Productions

A Serious Man                                                         Focus Features


stand up


2017 Bridgetown Comedy Festival 

Producer and Host of The Comedy Palace

10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival

Jewish Humor Festival 

Akumal Comedy Festival 

Naked and Fearless Sirius/XM Radio

ACME Comedy Club- Funniest Person Twin Cities Finalist

​​Sexting                              Supporting     Katselas Theater Company
Alice in Wonderland        Lead                  Playhouse Theater Company   
Medea                               Supporting    Macallaster College
Down with Orphans       Lead                 Royal Mutt Prod.
Pee Your Pants               Supporting    Royal Mutt Prod.
The Turkeys: Live          Lead                  The Turkeys 
Men with Hats                Lead                 Men with Hats Production

commercial & film

Jim Henson Company              2015-2016
The Yard with John Ennis        2016

Upright Citizens Brigade      2012-Present
Beverly Hills Playhouse           2012-Present
Paul Sills Workshop                  2007-2008
Brave New Workshop              2005-2009
Playhouse Theater                     2001-2012